Cine Expat

Are you an expat and an independent movie lover? Then come to our special Cine expat meetup, every second Sunday and every fourth Thursday of the month at 9pm. In Cinecenter, an intimate and cozy arthouse movie theatre in the centre of Amsterdam, we screen a selection of recent foreign language films with English subtitles. Afterwards you can meet, enjoy a good glass of wine and talk about films.

Foreign language films
Our host, Katie Crook, started this movie community for expats in Amsterdam, because “I realized I was only watching Hollywood films here and craved seeing some more interesting arthouse movies. Even if you’re learning Dutch it’s tricky to keep up with Dutch subtitles so I thought how about a night where I select some recent foreign language films and screen them with English subtitles? And then I just got it organised.

Drink and chat
Cine Expat is a great place to visit, as not only do you get to see a fab film with English subtitles but there is always a nice mix of people, some regular, some new who gather before and after to drink and chat about films and life experiences.”

Worldwide audience
Cine Expat normally gets a worldwide audience, we have many regular people and always though there is someone new to meet. We even get a fairly big Dutch audience, whether it’s because they missed the film the first time round or they’re curious to mingle with other cultures I’m not sure. But anyway it’s a great mix of people!”



Cine Expat